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Temple Beth Torah is a Conservative synagogue, dedicated to finding meaning in traditional Judaism for the modern, changing world.

A small congregation of about 385 families, we strive to know each other not just as fellow congregants, but as members of an extended family. Our Temple is the center of this extended family.

In Solidarity...

The tragedy in Pittsburgh is painful in so many ways: Another mass shooting with an assault weapon. Vile anti-semitic rantings on the internet. A murderer storming into a synagogue on Shabbat and killing Jews, because they're Jews.

To the families of those who were murdered -
    Joyce Feinberg
    Rich Gotfried
    Rose Malinger
    Jerry Rabinowitz
    Cecil Rosenthal
    David Rosenthal
    Bernice Simon,
    Sylvan Simon
    Daniel Stein
    Melvin Wax
    Irving Youngner
we say
May God comfort you.

To those who were wounded, we pray:
May God heal you.

To Jews everywhere who feel fear, we offer the blessing:
Be Strong and of Good Courage.

The larger issue is the climate of hate and division that is tearing apart our country, and the violence that continues to plague our nation. It would be foolish to suggest that there are easy answers, but one thing is certain: Sitting back, doing nothing, accepting that this is the way it must be- will lead us nowhere. Each of us must step forward and get more involved, and help to move our country to a better place.

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