Temple Beth Torah

Temple Beth Torah - Upcoming Events

  • August
    Aug 1Tish'a B'Av
    Aug 2Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    Aug 4Candle Lighting7:50 PM
    Aug 5Minha7:50 PM
    Aug 11Candle Lighting7:41 PM
    Aug 12Minha7:40 PM
    Aug 15Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    Aug 18Candle Lighting7:31 PM
    Aug 19Minha7:30 PM
    Aug 25Candle Lighting7:21 PM
    Aug 26Minha7:20 PM
    Sept 1Candle Lighting7:10 PM
    Sept 2Minha7:10 PM
    Sept 8Candle Lighting6:58 PM
    Sept 8Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    Sept 9Minha7:00 PM
    Sept 10First Day Religious School
    Sept 11First Day Religious School
    Sept 13School Program - Challah Bake
    Sept 15Candle Lighting6:46 PM
    Sept 16Minha6:45 PM
    Sept 18School Program - Challah Bake
    Sept 20Candle Lighting6:36 PM
    Sept 20Erev Rosh Hashana
    Sept 20No Religious School
    Sept 21 - 22Rosh Hashana 5778
    Sept 21Candle Lighting7:33 PM
    Sept 22Candle Lighting6:35 PM
    Sept 23Minha6:35 PM
    Sept 24Tashlich12:00 PM
    Sept 25 - 27School - Fire/Lockdown/Evacualtion Drill
    Sept 25Rabbi / Gimel Class / Parents5:00 PM
    Sept 27Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    Sept 29Candle Lighting6:23 PM
    Sept 29Erev Yom Kippur
    Sept 30Yom Kippur
    Sept 30Minha6:25 PM
    Oct 2School Program - Dinner in the Sukkah
    Oct 4Candle Lighting6:13 PM
    Oct 4Erev Sukkot
    Oct 4No Religious School
    Oct 5Candle Lighting7:10 PM
    Oct 5Sukkot
    Oct 6Candle Lighting6:10 PM
    Oct 6Sukkot II
    Oct 7Minha6:10 PM
    Oct 8Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    Oct 9No Religious School
    Oct 11Candle Lighting6:02 PM
    Oct 11Hoshana Raba
    Oct 11No Religious School
    Oct 12Shmini Atzeret
    Oct 13Candle Lighting5:58 PM
    Oct 13Simchat Torah
    Oct 14Minha6:00 PM
    Oct 16School Program - Gleaning
    Oct 18Adult Education7:30 PM
    Oct 18School Program - Gleaning
    Oct 20Candle Lighting5:48 PM
    Oct 21Minha5:50 PM
    Oct 21Jr. Congregation
    Oct 23Rabbi / Daled Class / Parents5:00 PM
    Oct 25Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    Oct 25Adult Education7:30 PM
    Oct 27Candle Lighting5:38 PM
    Oct 27Family Service6:30 PM
    Oct 28Minha5:40 PM
    Oct 29Cantor Fliegelman Retirement Celebration
    Nov 1Adult Education7:30 PM
    Nov 3Candle Lighting5:31 PM
    Nov 4Minha5:30 PM
    Nov 5Scholar in Residence Lecture11:00 AM
    Nov 6School Program - Speaker -Marion Lazan
    Nov 8Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    Nov 8Adult Education7:30 PM
    Nov 10Candle Lighting4:24 PM
    Nov 10Family Service6:30 PM
    Nov 11Minha4:25 PM
    Nov 13Rabbi / Hay Class / Parents5:00 PM
    Nov 15Adult Education7:30 PM
    Nov 17Candle Lighting4:18 PM
    Nov 18Minha4:20 PM
    Nov 18Jr. Congregation
    Nov 22No Religious School
    Nov 24Candle Lighting4:13 PM
    Nov 25Minha4:15 PM
    Nov 26No Religious School
    Nov 29Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    Nov 29Adult Education7:30 PM
    Dec 1Candle Lighting4:11 PM
    Dec 2Minha4:10 PM
    Dec 4Rabbi / Vav Class / Parents5:00 PM
    Dec 6Adult Education7:30 PM
    Dec 6Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    Dec 8Candle Lighting4:11 PM
    Dec 9Minha4:10 PM
    Dec 9Jr. Congregation
    Dec 12Chanukah: 1 Candle
    Dec 13Adult Education7:30 PM
    Dec 13Chanukah: 2 Candles
    Dec 14Chanukah: 3 Candles
    Dec 15Family Service6:30 PM
    Dec 15Candle Lighting4:11 PM
    Dec 15Chanukah: 4 Candles
    Dec 16Chanukah: 5 Candles
    Dec 17Chanukah Family Breakfast
    Dec 17Chanukah: 6 Candles
    Dec 18School Program - Edible Chanukah Menorah
    Dec 18Chanukah: 7 Candles
    Dec 19Minha4:10 PM
    Dec 19Chanukah: 8 Candles
    Dec 20School Program - Edible Chanukah Menorah
    Dec 20Adult Education7:30 PM
    Dec 20Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    Dec 22Candle Lighting4:14 PM
    Dec 23Minha4:15 PM
    Dec 24 - 31No Religious School
    Dec 29Candle Lighting4:18 PM
    Dec 30Minha4:20 PM
    Jan 1No Religious School
    Jan 3Adult Education7:30 PM
    Jan 3Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    Jan 5Candle Lighting4:24 PM
    Jan 6Minha4:25 PM
    Jan 8 - 10School Program - GADNA
    Jan 10Adult Education7:30 PM
    Jan 12Candle Lighting4:32 PM
    Jan 13Minha4:30 PM
    Jan 13Jr. Congregation
    Jan 15No Religious School
    Jan 17Rabbi / Gimel Class / Parents5:00 PM
    Jan 17Adult Education7:30 PM
    Jan 19Family Service6:30 PM
    Jan 19Candle Lighting4:39 PM
    Jan 20Chanukah: 8th Day
    Jan 20Minha4:40 PM
    Jan 24Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    Jan 24Adult Education7:30 PM
    Jan 26Candle Lighting4:48 PM
    Jan 27School Program - Daled Havdallah Service
    Jan 27Minha4:50 PM
    Jan 29 - 31School Program - Tu B'Shevat
    Jan 31Tu B'Shvat
    Feb 2Candle Lighting4:55 PM
    Feb 3Minha4:55 PM
    Feb 3Jr. Congregation
    Feb 4Blood Drive8:30 AM
    Feb 7Rabbi / Daled Class / Parents5:00 PM
    Feb 7Adult Education7:30 PM
    Feb 7Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    Feb 9Candle Lighting5:05 PM
    Feb 9Family Service6:30 PM
    Feb 10Minha5:05 PM
    Feb 12 - 14School Program - Hamentashen Bake
    Feb 14Adult Education7:30 PM
    Feb 14Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    Feb 15 - 28No Religious School
    Feb 16Candle Lighting5:14 PM
    Feb 17Minha5:15 PM
    Feb 23Candle Lighting5:22 PM
    Feb 24Minha5:20 PM
    Feb 28Megillah Reading
    March 1Purim
    March 2Candle Lighting5:30 PM
    March 3Minha5:30 PM
    March 4Purim Family Fun Day
    March 7Rabbi / Hay Class / Parents5:00 PM
    March 7Adult Education7:30 PM
    March 7Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    March 9Candle Lighting5:38 PM
    March 10Minha5:40 PM
    March 10Jr. Congregation
    March 14Adult Education7:30 PM
    March 16Candle Lighting6:45 PM
    March 17Minha6:45 PM
    March 21Adult Education7:30 PM
    March 21Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    March 23Candle Lighting6:53 PM
    March 23Family Service6:30 PM
    March 23Gimel Consecration
    March 24Minha6:55 PM
    March 26 - 28School Program - Matzah Bake
    March 28Adult Education7:30 PM
    March 29Erev Passover
    March 30Candle Lighting7:00 PM
    March 31Minha7:00 PM
    March 31Candle Lighting8:01 PM
    March 31Passover
    April 1 - 7Passover
    April 1 - 8No Religious School
    April 5Candle Lighting7:06 PM
    April 6Candle Lighting7:08 PM
    April 7Minha7:00 PM
    April 9School Program -Yom HaShoah Program
    April 11Rabbi / Vav Class / Parents5:00 PM
    April 11Holocaust Service
    April 12Yom HaShoah
    April 13Candle Lighting7:15 PM
    April 13Family Service6:30 PM
    April 14Minha7:15 PM
    April 18 - 18School Program - Yom Hatzmaut Program
    April 18Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    April 18Adult Education7:30 PM
    April 19Israel Independence Program
    April 19Yom Ha Atzma'ut
    April 20Candle Lighting7:22 PM
    April 21Minha7:20 PM
    April 21Jr. Congregation
    April 23 - 25School Program - RAKDAN
    April 25Adult Education7:30 PM
    April 25Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    April 27Candle Lighting7:30 PM
    April 28Minha7:30 PM
    May 2Adult Education7:30 PM
    May 2Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    May 3Lag B'Omer
    May 4Candle Lighting7:37 PM
    May 4Family Service6:30 PM
    May 5Minha7:35 PM
    May 7 - 9School Program - Lag B'Omer Activities
    May 9Adult Education7:30 PM
    May 11Candle Lighting7:44 PM
    May 12Minha7:45 PM
    May 12Jr. Congregation
    May 13Hatzilu Walk
    May 13Yom Yerushalayim
    May 16Last Day of Religious School
    May 16Adult Education7:30 PM
    May 18Yom HaZikaron
    May 18Candle Lighting7:51 PM
    May 19Minha7:50 PM
    May 19Candle Lighting8:58 PM
    May 19Erev Shavuot
    May 20 - 21Shavuot
    May 20Candle Lighting8:59 PM
    May 23Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    May 23Adult Education7:30 PM
    May 25Candle Lighting7:57 PM
    May 26Minha8:00 PM
    May 30Adult Education7:30 PM
    June 1Candle Lighting8:03 PM
    June 2Minha8:05 PM
    June 6Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    June 8Candle Lighting8:07 PM
    June 9Minha8:10 PM
    June 13Congregational Meeting8:00 PM
    June 13Installation8:45 PM
    June 13Trustee Meeting7:30 PM
    June 15Candle Lighting8:10 PM
    June 16Sisterhood Shabbat9:45 AM
    June 16Minha8:10 PM
    June 22Candle Lighting8:12 PM
    June 23Minha8:10 PM
    June 29Candle Lighting8:13 PM
    June 30Minha8:15 PM
    July 6Candle Lighting8:11 PM
    July 7Minha8:10 PM
    July 11Executive Board Meeting8:45 PM
    July 13Candle Lighting8:09 PM
    July 14Minha8:10 PM
    July 20Candle Lighting8:04 PM
    July 21Minha8:05 PM
    July 22Tish'a B'Av
    July 25Trustee Meeting8:45 PM
    July 27Candle Lighting7:58 PM
    July 28Minha8:00 PM