Passover – Selling the Hametz


According to Jewish Law, a Jew is not permitted to actually own any Hametz throughout the 8 days of Passover.  Therefore each family arranges to sell any Hametz in its possession for the duration of the holiday.  While the Hametz remains in your home, technical ownership passes on to a non-Jew for the course of Passover.

To sell your Hametz through the formal transaction, please see the Rabbi or Cantor personally, or fill out the form below prior to March 24th, at 12:00 Noon.

Needless to say, no fee of any sort is required for the performance of this Mitzvah.  You are reminded, however, that the Temple Beth Torah Charity Fund is collecting Maot Hittim funds to help needy individuals to observe the holiday properly.  Enter your donation amount on the form below and you will be billed accordingly.

Even if you have made a contribution for Maot Hittim, however, you must still indicate that you appoint Temple Beth Torah your representative to sell your Hametz.  Making out a check to the Charity Fund is not, in itself, sufficient for the sale of your Hametz.  Just submit the form below.

But please be sure to abide by the deadline.  You must authorize the sale of your Hametz no later than WEDNESDAY, MARCH 24th at 12:00 NOON.