Temple Beth Torah

TBT's Buy A Brick Campaign

TBT is happy to announce a special new program

We are delighted to introduce you to the Temple Beth Torah (TBT) “Buy A Brick Campaign.” Your engraved bricks will provide an opportunity to remember a loved one, a special event, commemorate your years at TBT or act as a great gift.

Your engraved brick will be proudly displayed in the new front walkway outside the temple for you to enjoy for years to come. Not only are you helping to build a more beautiful entrance to the temple, but you are also making a permanent mark by investing in the future of TBT. A portion of the proceeds from the “Buy A Brick Campaign” will include new landscaping and a new Temple Beth Torah sign.

We will be selling 4x8 bricks for $150.00 and 8x8 bricks for $380.00. You can also buy a souvenir replica brick for $25.00 with your 4x8 brick purchase. (8x8 brick price includes a souvenir brick free) We will also be selling a limited number of bench’s for $5000.00. We have not finalized the landscape design and will determine how many benches can be included in the landscape design so please contact the temple if you are interested in purchasing a bench.

Engraving Suggestions:

In Honor of ___________________

Wedding (marriage) of Ashley and Max Stein, June 1, 2013

The Cohen Family

The Cohens:  Andrew, Susan, Jill and Allison

In Memory of ___________________

Bar / Bat Mitzvah of …………….April 16, 1988

In Honor of the birth of ………..September 19, 2005

25th Anniversary of Steve and Marcy Cohn


Our New “Buy a Brick Campaign” website is now live at www.bricksrus.com/order/tbtli for easy credit card and paypal payments.

You can also download the form and drop it off at the temple office with your payment.

Any questions please feel free to contact the temple office.

Thank you in advance for your generous support.

TBT Brick Photo

TBT Brick Photo

TBT Brick Photo