Temple Beth Torah

Temple Beth Torah's Youth Group

In today's overbearing and superficial society, the youth of America and particularly of the North Shore of Long Island are overwhelmed with activities, ranging from sports to tutoring to schoolwork. Our youth group would provide a reprieve from this overbearing society, as well as involve the younger members of our temple, particularly 5th and 6th graders, in the temple community and temple activities.

This TBT Youth Group plans to sponsor activities for the young people of the temple to keep them involved in the temple community in a fun environment amongst other members of the synagogue. The leaders of this group, plan to sponsor various events such as a bowling night, a movie night, or an ice-skating night to reveal to the younger members of our congregation a bond that they can form with each other for a lifetime. We wish to keep the youth of the temple involved so that they come back to the temple after their Hebrew school education is complete.

Furthermore, this youth group aims to keep the 5th and 6th graders involved in the temple, not only as attendants at regular services, but continuing their Jewish education with Rabbi Katz in his weekly post bar mitzvah classes. Not only do we look to form a safe and fun environment for these kids, but we want to form a youth group that will continue to operate even after these young people have graduated from high school.

A note to parents: The success of any youth program is dependent on parental encouragement, support and sometimes participation. Parents may be asked to chaperone, provide food and help with transportation.

Let us hear from you, please contact the Temple office at 516-334-7979.