Executive Officers

The management and administration of Temple Beth Torah is vested in the Board of Trustees, which consists of 30 members serving three year terms, and up to 20 additional members serving one year terms. In addition to the Trustees, we have nine Officers (including a President, an Executive Vice President, and seven Vice Presidents), a President of The Men's Club, a President of the Sisterhood, and four Administrators, all of whom serve for one year terms. Traditionally, our Officers maintain their positions for two consecutive years. The Congregation elects the Trustees, Officers, and Administrators of our Temple annually.

Additionally, all Congregants are invited to make a contribution to our Temple by participating on one or more of the standing committees established by the bylaws which govern all Temple Beth Torah activities.

These committees are: Adult Education, Audit, Education, Finance, Fundraising, House & Building, Legal, Membership,, Programming, Publicity, Ritual, Social Action and Youth

All Congregants are encouraged to serve on the Board and to participate on our committees. In this way, we all work together to maintain and enhance the wonderful and vital organization that is Temple Beth Torah.

Nancy Marshall

Michael Cohen

David Damon
VP Education

Michael Glickman
VP Fundraising

Ed Katzin
Co-VP House & Buildings

Ken Weiss
Co-VP House & Buildings

Gillian Grishman
VP Membership

Rich Rothstein
VP Ritual

Neal Guber

Art Pesner
Financial Secretary

Robin Rothstein
Financial Secretary

Allison Rothstein

Randi Lesnick
Immediate Past Pres

Andrew Marshall
President’s Council

Linda Guber
Co-President Sisterhood

Randie Mishan
Co-President Sisterhood

Robert Shapiro
Co-President Mens Club

Ivan Ziegler
Co-President Mens Club