Kol Nidre Appeal

For over 60 years, from generation to generation, Temple Beth Torah has been a vibrant spiritual home, filled with warmth and friendship, for all of us to connect to our Judaism.

From the High Holidays to Hebrew School, joyous celebrations to shiva Minyans, our beloved community makes certain the flourishing of Jewish life and learning.

Now, with this New Year upon us, and a new chapter in the history of TBT, WE NEED YOU AND YOUR SUPPORT

There is no question, this year will bring challenges. The realities of the Covid-19 pandemic continue to affect all of our daily lives, as rising levels of Anti-Semitism are leaving Jews across the globe deeply concerned.

Now more than ever we need the wisdom and the strength that our heritage, and our TBT community, provide. Now more than ever, we need YOU to support TBT.

We have a robust vision for the TBT of the coming years.
Our new Rabbi, Rabbi Dermer, along with Cantor Sokol and our entire leadership team, have been working around the clock with strength and faith to ensure that the community we call home will continue to thrive in new and creative ways. From virtual events to safe in person gatherings, new program offerings and time-tested traditions, we are excited for our vision.

We need you to join us in our vision, and in our future.
The financial generosity of our congregants is critical in making our goals. Together, let’s make certain that the blessings of Jewish spirituality, Jewish pride, and Jewish tradition continue to illuminate the sanctuary of Temple Beth Torah, the place we love, for many years to come.


Thank you in advance for your support and best wishes for a healthy, sweet, and prosperous new year.

Michael Cohen & Nancy Marshall
Co-Presidents, TBT

Donating is now easier than ever - you can make your donation online by credit card.
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May 5783 be happy and healthy year for all of us!!

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Temple Beth Torah thanks these people for their support:


Jack & Donna Abramowitz

Rachel Annenberg

Martin & Suzanne Auerbach

Erez & Shari Barak

Ellen Berger

Howard & Jane Berliner

Scott & Andrea Bernstein

Barbara Bershod

William Brown

Myron & Linda Calderon

Ira & Susan Checkla

Paul & Debbie Chumsky

Andy & Barbara Cohen

Jerry & Judie Cohen

Michael Cohen

David & Ruth Damon

Richard & Paula Dank

Ned & Ellen Dorman

Mark & Judy Drucker

Steven & Allyson Edelman

Martin & Marjorie Elbaum

Jessica Epner

Jacob & Suzanne Feldman

Melvin & Arlene Feuerstein

Daniel & Meryl Fischer

Cantor Kalman & Carol Fliegelman

Douglas & Ruth Freeman

Mark & Debi Freudenthal

Bruce & Barbara Friedman

Steven & Stephanie Garten

Martin & Maxine Gelfand

Hy & Tina Geller

Stanley & Sheila Gilman

Peter & Aileen Gingold

David & Bette Girard

Michael & Jennifer Glickman

Matthew & Peggy Gluck

Kenneth & Shelley Goldstein

Jerry & Yona Gonen

Marshall & Susan Goodman

Alan & Natalie Gootnick

Wendy Gray

Lorraine Greenberg

Daniel & Gillian Grishman

Verne Grodin

Robert Groman

Fred & Stacie Gross

Neal & Linda Guber

Arlene Hauser

Douglas & Bonnie Heimowitz

Kirk & Amy Henin

Alan & Roberta Herman

Joseph Hertzlinger

Fred & Mindy Hirsh

Richard & Ellen Hochman

Asher & Ronith Iancu

Robert & Ellen Israel

Scott & Amy Jaffee

Stanley & Phylis Kasow

Rabbi Michael & Fran Katz

Edward & Janet Katzin

Howard & Robin Kaufman

Victor Klein

Mitch & Renee Kornet

Jean Krakow

Ilene Larkin

Curt & Jamie Launer

Adam & Randi Lesnick

David & Leslie Lesser

Darrell & Rocey Lester

Roberta Levine Daniels

Norman & Robyn Levy

Howard & Amy Liebenstein

Mark & Michele Lippman

Joseph & Melissa Lorintz

Marc Lusthaus

Robert & Pat Lusthaus

Martin & Rita Mack

Ken & Nancy Maltz

Randy Marber

Barry & Lauri Margolis

Jeffrey & Sheree Markowitz

Richard & Bonnie Marks

Andrew & Jennifer Marshall

Craig & Nancy Marshall

Richard & Wendy Marx

Craig & Stephanie Masheb

Marty & Randie Mishan

Robert & Toby Mishtal

Esther Mohr

Harry & Carolyn Newman

Jeff & Wendy Novick

William & Betty Nusblatt

Arthur & Gail Pesner

Mitchell & Linda Pochtar

Sheldon & Florinne Polner

Andrew & Alisha Reiben

Marilyn Reich

Charna Reichel

Evelyn Rokito

Gloria Rosenfeld

Nancy Roth

Allison Rothstein

Rich & Robin Rothstein

Steven & Sandi Rothstein

Steven & Robin Rotter

Cary & Marni Rubin

Steven Sanders

Harvey & Vicki Schaffler

Jeffrey & Robin Schaffler

Irwin & Alice Scharf

Roberta Schleicher

Jack & Geraldine Schnitt

Charles & Monica Seidman

Robert & Elissa Shapiro

Sami & Rita Sheena

Barry & Sharon Shorten

Andrew & Lisa Silverman

Ronald & Gail Simhon

Jason & Gloria Spector

Joel & Roni Spielfogel

Bruce & Reina Stein

Arnold & Rosalyn Steinberg

Alan & Tammy Strobel

David & Michele Tarica

George & Arlene Toscano

Harold & Debra Wanderman

Jordan Weiss & Lara Charno

Ken & Betty Weiss

Howard & Diane Wohl

Marshall Zakarin

Phillip & Nadine Zelasko

Phyllis Zemsky

Ivan & Sheila Ziegler

Brad & Lisa Zorfus