Welcome Rabbi Dermer & Kayley

At Temple Beth Torah, we always look forward to celebrating our simchas together with our TBT extended family. We are now about to celebrate two simchas which, coincidently, occur at the same time: the festival holiday of Shavuot and the welcoming of our new Rabbi, Jack Dermer and his wife Kayley!

The holiday of Shavuot commemorates the giving of the Torah to the Jewish people. The Torah is the holiest and purist of all documents, therefore the holiday of Shavuot is considered to be both a holy day, as well as a day of festive purity. Just as the holiday honors the purity and newness of the Torah, we also welcome purity and newness within our own lives. We are now all looking forward to welcoming the newest members of our TBT family, Rabbi Dermer and his wife Kayley!

In honor of these two wonderful occasions being celebrated together, we ask you, our fellow members of our TBT family, to help us in celebrating both Shavuot as well as the welcoming of Rabbi Dermer & Kayley into our TBT family by helping to sponsor a virtual Kiddush on Shavuot in their honor.

Please click the button below and let us know how you wish to welcome Rabbi Dermer and Kayley