Temple Beth Torah Membership

Our Temple Beth Torah family is a warm and down to earth congregation consisting of approximately 250 families. Join us for a Shabbat service or our daily minyanim and see first hand how special our temple is. We encourage all our congregants and their families to become active in our temple community. There are many committees and programs where your input and participation is always welcome. We hope that your affiliation with us will be rewarding and long lasting.


  • Family Memberships
  • Associate Memberships
  • Single Memberships
  • Out of Town Memberships
  • Senior Associate Memberships
  • Alumni Memberships

Family Memberships are for families with Hebrew school age children. Associate Memberships are for families without children or with children not yet in 3rd grade. Single Memberships are for individuals or single parent households. Out of Town Memberships are for individuals or families living outside of the area. Senior Associate Memberships are for unaffiliated seniors (65 and older). Alumni Memberships are for our membership’s children (26 and over).

For more information , please email the membership committee or call the Temple office at (516) 334-7979