Welcome to Temple Beth Torah


Services begin with Shaharit ("morning prayer"): The Shema, the silent Amidah, and then the cantors repitition of the Amidah.

Next comes the Torah service. The Torah is taken from the Aron Ha-Kodesh (the Ark) and carried around the Temple. We then read a portion from the Torah. You can follow in the Etz Hayim Humash. At the conclusion of Torah reading, the Haftarah is chanted.

If there is a Bar/Bat Mitzvah the Rabbi will address the Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and the parents will recite the Shehcheyanu blessing.

We continue with the Musaf ("additional") Amidah, En Kelohenu, Alenu, and the Mourner's Kaddish.

After announcements, we conclude with Adon Olam, and go to the Social Hall for Kiddush.


If you are receiving the honor of an Aliyah, the following video explains what an Aliya is, the Blessings, and what to expect at Temple Beth Torah:

For your convenience, click here for a printable page of the Torah Blessings both in Hebrew and transliterated.


Please remember that our services are not a "show"; our tradition teaches us that when in the Sanctuary we must "Remember before Whom we stand." We come together to speak to God, and to study the Torah.

When in the Sanctuary, please keep the talking to a minimum. We want to show proper respect to God, and conversation is also distracting to other worshippers.

If you must leave the Sanctuary, please don't walk out while the sermon is being delivered or while the Bar/Bat Mitzvah is chanting, or being addressed. If you do go out, please hurry back, we really want you with us in the Sanctuary.

As a sign of repect to God we ask that you keep your head covered while in the Temple. A Taillit is worn by those who have become Bar or Bat Mitzvah. (A Taillit is not worn in the restroom.)

In trying to make Shabbat a special day, Jewish tradition prohibits certain activities. These include: Smoking, taking pictures, using the phone, and turning lights on or off. In addition, gifts are not exchanged. We ask that you please observe these traditions while on Temple grounds.


A number of times during the year Temple Beth Torah conducts special Shabbat services. Below you will find a sample of these special services.


Sisterhood Shabbat was conceived at TBT approximately 20 years ago, and it has gained momentum ever since. Join a truly egalitarian service where the Sisterhood leads services, read from the Torah and chant the Haftorah. TBT exemplifies the egalitarian ideal, in our case, that women can and should play pivotal roles in Jewish life, in the Jewish community at large, and in the Conservative movement.


A celebration of families, Grandparent's Shabbat is a special time at Temple Beth Torah. Being with our families and participating in our special service always creates joyous memories for both the grandparents and grandchildren alike. With special components from all, it is always a special moment when the children are called up to the bimah and have the joy of leading the Torah procession.


In this special service, Rabbi Katz leads us through the Shabbat service. Among the topics Rabbi Katz covers are the structure and organization of our service as well as explanations of the various prayers - giving deeper meaning and a better understanding of our Shabbat service.