Adult Education

Jewish education is not just for children. A serious Jew never stops studying. We at Temple Beth Torah are dedicated to confronting our sacred texts and sources so that we can grow, both as Jews and as human beings.

Rabbi Dermer’s weekly Wednesday evening Adult Education Class, which meets at 7:30 PM in the Temple, is the centerpiece of our Adult Education Program. A different topic is explored each year. In the past, for example, we have studied books of the Bible, the Talmud, the history and meaning of the Prayerbook, the philosophy of Conservative Judaism, and how Jewish Law views issues of contemporary concern. All Congregants, and their friends, are welcome to join the class at any time. Temple Beth Torah is also a Sponsoring Congregation of our local Adult Institute for Jewish Studies.

Additionally, a Beginner’s Hebrew Class is offered for those who have not yet learned to read Hebrew, and for those who may want to ‘brush up.’ An Intermediate Course teaches familiarity with the prayers in the Siddur.

Temple Beth Torah is particularly proud of our Adult Bat Mitzvah Class for women who did not attend Hebrew School or have a Bat Mitzvah. With the help and guidance of our Rabbi and Cantor, an ever-increasing number of women mark this great milestone in our Temple, and the entire Congregation celebrates with them.